We’re redesigning productivity tools for freelancers and teams. Block by block.

The problem with productivity tools

For twelve years we’ve used lots of tools to help us with scheduling, project management and invoicing. On their own, they’re fine. In fact some are great.

The problem is that they don’t talk to each other. They don’t share common information and they don’t stay up to date.

Also, as we’ve grown we’ve needed to find new tools that do more. That means leaving years of important data behind. Not cool.

How we’re going to fix it

We’re redesigning the concept of productivity tools. We’re building a set of new tools called Blocks. These can be used on their own or connected to others. Blocks talk to each other.

As your needs change, you can add or remove Blocks.

The blocks, they came one by one

We’re starting with one Block called Projects. Here you’ll store all your project, customer and team details. Once that’s launched we’ll be adding Blocks for scheduling, time management, invoicing and collaboration.