Announcing Blocks

Welcome to the Blocks blog. Here we’re going to be publishing our progress, updates and findings as we develop Blocks. Over the next few months we’ll talk about our plans, but firstly I wanted to explain why we’re blogging our progress.

Being a design and web agency (called Bluegg), we’re fortunate to be part of a community where the sharing of knowledge, experience and feedback is commonplace — which is awesome!

When we decided to build Blocks, we knew from the off that input from our community would not only validate our ideas, but hopefully breed new ones.

Our audience are people just like us; designers, developers and studio/project managers, working on their own or in small teams. Opening ourselves up to feedback, conversation and critique from our peers will help us build great products that people really love.

This blog will be our note pad. An open place to share our thoughts and ideas, collect feedback and explain our thinking. We’ll be using Dribbble and Twitter too.

We believe in transparency, so nothing will be off limits. We’ll be talking about what works and what doesn't, the technologies we’re using, how we approach design, as well as the business side of creating a startup from scratch.

As we build Blocks our ideas and plans will undoubtedly change, and hopefully one day we’ll be able to look back and follow our journey by reading these posts.

If you haven’t already, make sure you join our mailing list below so we can keep you posted with updates and announcements, follow us on Twitter or just check back here from time to time.

We’re really looking forward to the challenges ahead and hope many of you will follow our journey with us.

Here’s to creating something great!

Tom Lloyd

By Tom Lloyd

Hi I’m Tom, co-founder and product lead at Blocks. I’m also co-founder and creative director of Bluegg.
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