How will Blocks work?

Previously I talked about how we use individual tools to help manage our invoicing and reporting, projects and clients, team scheduling, and collaboration. For us, and other small agencies this throws up two problems — These tools are all separate, they don’t share information, they don’t support a growing business and as they add up, they can get expensive.

With Blocks, our focus is to fix these problems. Using everything we’ve learned over the past 12 years of running our small agency we’re building a group of productivity tools.


We’re starting with one for Projects. This Block is based on a system built for ourselves, so we know it works. Currently, Projects stores all our customer details, details of all the projects we’re working on, allows us to keep notes, set reminders and alerts and a couple of other things. So we’re keeping all that great stuff and refining it to be even better.

When we make Blocks available to buy, Projects will be for everyone — from a freelance designer or developer through to an agency.

So, what’s different?

We’re not stopping with Projects. To fix the problem, we need to build tools that do all the other stuff too. So, we’re also building a bunch of other Blocks that will manage your invoices and money, time tracking and reporting, team to-dos and scheduling, collaboration and communication.

And the best bit? They’ll all share the same information. No more duplicating, copying or pasting. Blocks will share everything, so whichever ones you use they always will be up to date.

You’ll be able to add Blocks as your needs change too, so you’ll only pay for the ones you use. When you do, it’ll be as easy as flicking a switch, with no learning curve. One login, one interface, just with more functionality.

If your needs change again, you’ll be able to switch Blocks off if you like. No problem, no long contracts. We’ll still love you :)

So, I hope that helps explain some of our plans. As we’ve mentioned before, we’re not hiding away and building everything before releasing it. We’re listening and learning. If you’ve got an idea for how we can make Blocks better, let us know.

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Tom Lloyd

By Tom Lloyd

Hi I’m Tom, co-founder and product lead at Blocks. I’m also co-founder and creative director of Bluegg.
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