Made for freelancers and small agencies

We think the best people to make products are the ones who use them. We know the challenges that freelancers and small agencies face when choosing the right tools to help them manage their business — we’ve been there.

We’ve done our research. Freelancers, partnerships and small teams of up to 10 people account for around 80% of designers and developers so they’re the customers we’re focusing on. This is for two reasons — firstly, we want to help as many people as possible by making their lives easier. Secondly, we’re dead set on building a sustainable, stable business so we want to help the widest part of the market. This isn’t a greed thing though. If people are going to put their faith in us to build great products that they love, we will focus 100% on making sure we’re around for the long term. Having spent the last 12 years building a stable and successful design agency, we think we're in a good position to do just that.

Blocks will be useful to anyone working in the creative industry like designers, developers, programmers, studio managers and project managers, content people and management teams. So, not only can team members contribute to a central tool, they also get a much wider view of how clients, projects and workflow is going — although permissions will be adjustable.

By keeping a razor sharp focus on a narrow market we’re making sure we do one thing well, rather than making a generic project for everyone. It also means that we can use all our experience to make the right decisions without worrying about other industries. Plus our industry is awesome, so we think it deserves the best.

If you’re excited to get your hands on a new way to manage your workflow or studio, pop your details into the signup form below to get updates.

Tom Lloyd

By Tom Lloyd

Hi I’m Tom, co-founder and product lead at Blocks. I’m also co-founder and creative director of Bluegg.
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